metrunner OLTag

OLTag by metrunner.

Accepting Pre-Orders for March 2020 Delivery!

Sale campaign until 31 May 2020

  • 54 x 85 mm
  • Stickers*, QR & NFC** enabled
    • Stick it on the wall or hang on objects (trees, poles) with tape
  • Use with metrunner game platform
    • You need just a phone, no specialised cards needed!

*Suitable for most surfaces, except metal. If the sticker is applied on metal, NFC function may be affected.

**At present, NFC function on metrunner is limited to opening web app and showing checkpoint info. Please use QR-code scanning function to complete check-in (punching) at checkpoints.

Perfect for your school orienteering activity.

Why spend a fortune on purchasing orienteering equipment? This lightweight solution enables you to start orienteering activity at your school in no time! With around the same amount of money, you can get more control tags AND a FREE activity EVERY YEAR organised by us, for you!

Tag only
Tag only, no support
Originally €500 - sale until 31 May
20 Tags + Start + Finish
No metrunner license
No Support
No Maintenance
Basic support
yearly (minimum 2 years)
Our best deal!
Get annual support and part replacement!
Originally €400 - sale until 31 May
20 Tags + Start + Finish
metrunner license (annual, €216 in value)
Support and maintenance
Get 10 extra tags per year! (as new numbers or replacement)
Gold consultation & support
yearly (minimum 2 years)
Free basic mapping!
We help you with everything
Originally €1000 - sale until 31 May
1 simple orienteering map of school/premises
30 Tags + Start + Finish
Get 20 extra tags per year! (as new numbers or replacement)
Activity organisation planning and mapping consultation
Everything in Basic support plan

Prices exclude VAT. You pay 25% VAT if you’re a EU buyer without VAT registration number.