Virtual tours and orienteering: discover places and their stories.

The original Metrunner app

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metrunner is the sport travel platform of the future. You can discover places and events on metrunner, scan, punch and share!

For every control you punch, there is a score that you get.

After you have punched a control, you get a guide of the location you are visiting. Learn more about your location before you move on. Good to have tourism and exercise done in one go!

Compare with other metrunners! The best runners will get free entry to sport events by metrunner and ORIEN.ASIA!

Do you know? You can also get metrunner points at our partner events!

You can also spend metrunner points at these events for discounts.

Learn more on ORIEN.ASIA.

We provide OLTags with QR code and NFC (near field communication) for tourism agencies, urban planning agencies and private businesses. You can immediately get the information of a place by scanning it.

Share the stories of the places that matter most to you. Use our game editor to add and edit places that can be discovered and played on metrunner.

The free plan comes with a free quota of three games with 10 places/checkpoints each, but the premium plan lets you add unlimited games and checkpoints for €18 a month!

Map search of events makes your events more visible!

Start an event on metrunner now and let potential participants find your event.

We charge 4.5-7.5% of entry fee, payment fees included.

Simply create an account and navigate to Find events > Edit my own events and get started!

Your indoor and outdoor mapping needs

Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

We love maps. You'd love them too.

Maps are important in our lives. We use them to navigate.

If you’re managing outdoor or indoor locales, you need a good map for your customers, one that helps them to find their way around.

We make outdoor and indoor maps for your place and event! Get a simple, concise map for people to navigate around. They can know their position on the app too!

Not just app:
Urban Orienteering Events!

metrunner isn’t just about mobile and legs! On top of the app, there will be annual series of urban orienteering events in different cities of the world, bringing you to discover more of the cities!

Like a running event—except it’s not running—it’s orienteering, where you choose your own route, not knowing how your opponents will go—extra thrilling!

Scoreboard leaders in the app will be invited to attend the following year’s event series free of charge.

metrunner for your company? (or club)

metrunner is great for your tourism company, fitness activity or orienteering club maybe? You can create games for your clients, lead them run around the city, and collect points! Also a good physical activity for your club or school?

Premium (unlimited games): 18 euros per month, billed yearly

Customised plan (tailor-made tourism plan, designed games and checkpoints, NFC tags etc.): contact for pricing!

Outside of metrunner...

We have the following additional services:

  • Travel consultancy
  • WordPress website creation
  • App development

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The ultimate goal of metrunner is to enable tourists to discover and enjoy cities in every country of the world through orienteering.