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The MetRunner app connects physically active tourists to off-the-track urban attractions with game elements. Users visit control points, punch, and accumulate scores. There are a lot of tours in each city which bring you to every corner of the city.

There is a time limit to each tour, and you try to visit as many controls as possible. Perfect for a workout on holiday!


Here you go! For every control you punch, there is a score that you get.

screenshot 1a-min

After you have punched a control, you get a guide of the location you are visiting. Learn more about your location before you move on. Good to have tourism and exercise done in one go!


Compare with other metrunners! The best runners in each city gets to join a series of 3-5 events the following year, held in different cities worldwide, for free!


Not just app:
Urban Orienteering Events!

metrunner isn’t just about mobile and legs! On top of the app, there will be annual series of urban orienteering events in different cities of the world, bringing you to discover more of the cities!

Like a running event—except it’s not running—it’s orienteering, where you choose your own route, not knowing how your opponents will go—extra thrilling!

Scoreboard leaders in the app will be invited to attend the following year’s event series free of charge.

Example of an urban orienteering map


The app will be launched from 2019/2020 in stages, while the event series be launched one to two years after that, with the first cities to launch in app also the first ones to launch in the event series.

Preliminary launch plan

The ultimate goal of metrunner is to enable tourists to discover and enjoy cities in every country of the world through orienteering.

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