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Always free
Up to 10 checkpoints per game
2 free credits on registration
1 free credit per month
Playing each tour/game costs 1 credit
Metvigo - 7.5% event platform charge
Base orienteering map (now free!)
Virtual tours
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Player premium
monthly (billed yearly)
Travel as much as you want!
Unlimited virtual tours and orienteering courses
Unlimited virtual tours per month
Excl. tax - €11,25 per month if include Swedish tax
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Creator Premium
monthly (billed yearly)
Show the best side of your city with fun
Share your city
Unlimited games
Unlimited checkpoints
Unlimited events
Metvigo - lower platform fee at 4.5%! (Originally 7.5% - save €30 for every €1000 entry!)
Base orienteering map
Share your game
NEW! Virtual mode - let your customers play games and punch with street view
Free 20x OLTags
Free 14-day trial, from the day you register your Metrunner account
QR-code punching
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Let us design your discovery experience
We'll design your entire tourism experience, complete with checkpoints, tags and marketing. Customised pricing.
Tourism marketing plan, customised
Tailor-made checkpoints
Tailor-made tags
Marketing on metrunner's social media channels
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