Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are binding between you (the user) and us (Metrunner AB, registered in Gothenburg, Västra Götaland, Sweden).

You agree to only use the metrunner app as-is, without modifications, unlawful additions, suppressing certain scripts (e.g. advertisements and analytics), and the like.

You agree to use the metrunner app safely, responsibly and within the constraints of local law. We is not liable for damages, injuries and/or responsibilities arising from your using the app in any manner not originally intended by us.

You agree to provide certain personal information for our use and storage. (see privacy statement below for details). You may check, revise or instruct us to remove any data you provided.

You agree that we may use the personal information you provided for statistical purposes. These statistics may be used internally or externally, including business, marketing and everyday operations.

You agree that we may modify, add to or delete from these Terms and Conditions whenever necessary.

The contact information for personal data purposes is given in the privacy statement below.

Use of local storage

We use the local storage function (something like a more advanced version of cookies) for saving a game session temporarily, and is deleted upon the conclusion (quit/time's up) of the game.

The app saves your score temporarily if you close the app directly but didn't click quit. However, the timer will not be paused.

If you leave one game, then start a different game, the saved game session will be deleted.

Use of third-party services

metrunner uses certain third-party services, such as Google Maps, Google Analytics and AdMob. Please refer to their terms and privacy policies on how they handle personal data.

metrunner is built using Adobe PhoneGap and its plugins.

Privacy and personal data

Geolocation (GPS) is a core part of the metrunner app. The app must know your position first before it can tell you're at a control point or not!

We do not store your location data on our servers. Your location remains in your phone only, so the app can check your punch and display your location on your screen (you know you can switch it on/off in Settings?)

We collect your score because, obviously, it turns up on the scoreboard!

We collect how far you've run and how much calories you've burnt. (Calories are calculated by multiplying time (hours) with your weight (kg) and a factor of 8 for jogging. This is a very simplified way to calculate your energy burned. It should only be taken as a very rough reference.) That's for your own reference. We do store those on our servers, but that's for a future interface that let's you see how far you've gone. (You can ask us for the numbers at any time.) We also store basic settings (display name, email, subscription status, position display setting) on our servers, so that you may have a better experience when metrunning.

Other data stored on our servers include your registration date and time, verification codes (for verification), and your password, so that metrunner can run smoothly and safely.

We may summarise the data on our servers for statistical purposes. Your personal information will not be identifiable in those statistics, so don't worry.

Advertisements (AdMob) and statistical scripts (Google Analytics) may use cookies, and also collect data on how you use the app. Your personal identifiers (name, telephone, email etc.) will not be collected.

Do you know you have the right to check, revise or delete any data you gave us? Please email us at